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Discover your Process Communication Personality Inventory :

a powerful tool to improve your self-awareness!

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Your Coach:

Guillemette Moreau
Process Communication certified Coach and Trainer
NLP certified Coach.
Montreal – Video

Make your Personality Inventory
and discover the impact of Process Communication Coaching.

Process Communication® :

Process Communication ModelDiscover this powerful psychological model:
– to better understand your own personality, and the ones of others,
– adapt your behaviors to enhance the quality of communication,
even under stress, in order to anticipate and better manage misunderstandings and conflicts.

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The Personality Inventory:

From an online questionnaire, your Process Communication® certified coach will help you discover your personality profile, including:

  • Your perception filters
  • Your strengths
  • Your preferred communication channel
  • Warning signals in case of stress
  • Your preferred management styles for managing or being managed …

Your Personality Inventory
+ Coaching session
(Canada only)

325 $CAN

(Canadian dollars – taxes included)

Identifying the other partner’s personality type helps to understand “what’s going on”.
The tool gives keys explaining the present, the past, and predicting to a certain extent the future of my reactions and interpersonal interactions. Fascinating.

Frédéric Thébaud - Zurich (Switzerland)

VP Supply Chain

How does it work ?

1 – Online questionnaire:
Buy directly your Process Communication Personality Inventory on this page (Paypal payment in Canadian dollars or Euros).
We will send you within 24 hours a link with the instructions to make your Process Communication ® questionnaire online.

2 – Video preparation of your coaching session:
Exclusive: You receive an introductory video of the Process Communication model (about 30 minutes) to prepare your coaching session at home.

3 – Personalized Coaching session with your test results:
With Guillemette Moreau, Process Communication Certified Coach
Duration: about 1 hour
Face to face (Montreal) or video conference
> Recovery of the main concepts of the Process Communication model
> Presentation and explanation of your results
> Coaching on a concrete case of miscommunication

4 – Detailed results:
You receive the link to your Process Communication ® Profile, a personalized document with your complete results.
It gives you keys and ways of working to control your daily life, taking into account both the strengths of your personality and indicators to monitor to avoid being overwhelmed by stress.

5 – Memento of personality types:
Exclusive: You receive our memento about Process Communication personality types to help you use the model on a daily basis.


In addition to deepening your understanding of your own personality, this tool makes it possible to simply decipher the differences between several personalities types and to identify the main features that characterize them.

LD - Dusseldorf (Germany)

Excellent tool to better know your “drivers” and better understand your partners.

Benoit Bardon - Paris (France)


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