Professional Reorientation

Change your professional life... it is possible!

Career coaching helps you shape your project.

Coaching for professional reorientation

Awareness and diagnosis:

How big is the change ahead?
– Positive version: Do you have an exciting opportunity in sight?
– Painful version: You do not know why you are getting up in the morning or maybe you even feel like you are stranded on the shore without energy to start again?
Discuss with someone close to you, or even better with a coach, to identify the extent of change needed or desired. (And think about talking to your doctor if you feel depressed …)

Start thinking about it as soon as possible:
A professional reconversion takes time: personal evolution, definition of your project, testing of options, taking action. And it’s rarely a straight line, in one step.
The sooner you start thinking about it, and if possible still having income coming in, the better.

Are you willing to take action?
Take the time to define and test your options:

Precise your goal

Identify your career issues and define your success criteria

Boost your motivation

Validate your goal with regard to your deep motivation and your personal ecology.

Define your strategy

Draw your action plan and equip yourself accordingly.
Anticipate difficulties and strategies to overcome them.

GO !

You have the tools to succeed in your professional reorientation.
Coaching for professional transitions

Embark on our professional transition program:

This reorientation coaching program makes you work in depth on the keys to your professional success:

  • YOU and YOUR professionnal project:
    “To move forward, you need to choose a direction…”

    Where are you ? Develop self-understanding: what are your strengths, your values? What are you intrinsically motivated by?
    What is your vision of your professional development?
    How to maximize your motivation and make full use of your potential

If you decide to change job, reorient your career, start your own business…


  • Development of your personal businessmodel :
    «Become entrepreneur of your own career and develop your personal business model!”
    Market analysis, development of your value proposition, development of your network …
    Develop, organize and visualize your personal business model with the BMC (Business Model Canvas). And as this tool is dynamic, it will accompany you throughout your career… and will become a tool of strategic management of your professional choices.
  • Test, pivot, test… and go !
    You will refine your project, test different options, it is normal and necessary!
    Are you starting in a new position, turning self-employed or creating a new business…
    You will be accompanied during the first crucial months with an effective combination of personalized coaching for you (effectiveness, motivation…) and for your project (keep the focus on the objective, manage priorities…).

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Allow yourself to reach your full professional potential!

I will not hesitate to use coaching again for a next professional step!
If you feel a little lost, without being able to organize one’s thoughts, coaching is an excellent tool to better understand yourself, to take a step back and find your own way.
Angelina Chardonnieras

Marketing Manager, Montreal (Canada)

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