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Do you feel somehow helpless to reembark into the professional world?

Career coaching helps you re-position yourself professionally.

Clarify your professionnal goal

Set your goal depending on who you are today:

You are more than the professional from 2, 5 or 10 years ago.
Beyond technical skills, you have a rich life path and new motivations.
It is up to you to define your goals and your success criteria for your professional future.

Valorize yourself:

Leverage all your experiences
Clarify your CV’s meaning and direction, stress the synergies inside your experience
Boost your resources and your motivation

Sell yourself better

Develop your self-confidence:

Get rid of your negative beliefs
Take advantage of your network and of your “allies” strategically

Learn how to “sell yourself” better:

For each employer or client target, identify their needs and work your ‘value proposition’:
– What will be your added value?
– What will you make unique?

Move from “I” to “You” in order to “be bought”

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A few months on after our module and now that I have started my job search, I can definitely say that the work with Guillemette has brought me two essential things: clarity and self-confidence. With those two tools, I feel fully equipped not only to go through the job search process but also to be able to be selective in the work I choose and to restart work with confidence in my ability to succeed. I feel in a very strong position.
NN - London (UK)

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