Process Communication®

Better know each other to better communicate

What is Process Communication®?

A model of Observation and Communication

Fruit of the research conducted by Taibi Kahler, PhD., in the 1970s, in partnership with NASA, Process Communication® was born in 1982 in the United States. This model allows to better understand yourself, better understand others, and optimize relationships. The personality of an individual is composed of a subtle and unique combination of 6 types of personalities. From this combination will appear behavioral characteristics, preferential modes of reality “filtering” and understanding, motivations, ways to communicate and predictable behaviors under stress. Identify and understand these behaviors allows us to improve our professional and personal quality of life, to individualize our communication and our leadership, to manage conflict, and maintain a relationship of quality with everyone. This model, relevant and effective, has quickly established itself in Europe as an essential tool for organizations. The predictability of behavior under stress: Each personality type has its own way to behave according to the intensity of stress. This behavioral sequence, predictable, observable and reversible, offers an illuminating model to understand and manage relational difficulties.
Get an overview over the different personality types:
Interview of Taibi Kahler, founder of the Process Communication Model:

A tool to understand personalities, our own and those of others

The Personality Inventory: People wishing to use the Process Communication ® model are invited to answer to an on-line questionnaire which, once processed, allows you to discover their personality structure. The pedagogic metaphor of the building allows you to visualize your own structure of personality. On each floor is one of the 6 types of personality. The size of the floor indicates the amount of available energy when you wish to or must use the corresponding type. Base: The ground floor called the Base and indicates the dominant and most-developed type of personality. Identifying the base of your interlocutor allows you to use the correct frequency to communicate. Phase: The Phase concept provides keys to understand what motivates a person. Answering the needs of the Phase will develop motivation on a daily basis. Your own and that of others. Process Communication® Profile: This personalized document of about 40 pages provides you keys and tracks of work for your daily life, taking into account the strengths of your personality as well as the indicators to be monitored to avoid being overwhelmed by stress. Source: Kahler Communication France (

Process Communication Coaching:

In addition to deepening the understanding of my own personality, this tool helps decipher in a simple way the differences between personality types and identify their characteristic traits. Understand the differences in depth, how to interact with them, develop and grow.
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Personality Inventory

From the results of an online questionnaire, your certified coach Process Communication® makes you discover your personality profile including: – Keys to success – Areas of perception – Personality strengths – Preferred communications channels – Stress warning signs – Preferred management style to manage or be managed. You leave with your Process Communication® profile, a personalized document that provides you keys and tracks of work for your daily life, taking into account the strengths of your personality as well as the indicators to be monitored to avoid being overwhelmed by stress.

Individual Coaching

From your Process Communication® profile and depending on your goals, you will work in individual sessions with a certified Process Communication® coach: – Improvement of your communication impact – Individualized management – Conflict management – Business performance – Preparation for interviews…
And to learn more: French – Gérard Collignon, Comment leur dire… la Process Communication, InterEditions 2010 English – Gérard Collignon, John Parr, Pascal LegrandParlez-vous Personality?
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