New position, Job entry

Quick adaptation requested!

Career Coaching helps you adapt quickly and maximize your results

New position coaching

New environment :

Quickly understand what is at stakes: As soon as possible, coaching can help you to: – Understand the issues of your new position and take the pulse of the situation – Clarify your professional goals as a person and within the function – Strategically move forward and maximize the “honeymoon” period of the job entry Positive stress management: If you realize that pressure is increasing: – Take a step back from current changes and re-clarify your goals – Slow the hamster wheel and pull your head out of action
Communication coaching

New team?

Develop your relational “flexibility”: The change of environment will certainly force you to adapt to new modes of communication. Process Communication ® coaching will help you: – Better understand yourself, your strengths and weaknesses in communication. – Understand others, change your point of view to enlarge your understanding of reality – Manage delicate situations with finesse More information about Process Communication

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Our team to help you define your professional project :

Guillemette Moreau
Career Coach
Coach for Professional Transitions
NLP & Process Communication Coach

Andrea Kaiser

Andrea Kaiser
Career Coach
Coach for Professional Transitions
NLP and Process Communication Coach

Professional coaching: a way to put ideas in perspective, to reflect about them and to elaborate a plan to achieve your goals / ideas.
Guillemette knows her domain as well as the corporate world , which is a real plus I think for her role as a professional coach.
Good listening, nice energy.

Emmanuelle Lutringer

Strategic Account Manager, San Francisco (USA)

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