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Expatriation : Turn CHANGE into OPPORTUNITY!

Expatriation Coaching

Expatriation Coaching:

Change management :
Once gone through the stress and the hyperactivity of the move , you might face the first hollow of the “W” expats?
– Clarify your personal and professional goals
– Make yourself a professional action plan, especially if you already know the date of your departure
– Anticipate the next change or the return to your home country.

Intercultural communication:
The change of environment will also certainly force you to adapt to new ways of thinking and communication, especially if there is a change of language for you.

Coaching of the life partner:
As employers know, a successful expatriation relies heavily on the life partner.
Especially if you have stopped working to follow your spouse, it can be a real ordeal.
Coaching can help you clarify your positioning in this adventure!

Do you know the “W” of expatriation?

After the discovery excitement and the first few months, routine sets in and the mood goes down, combined perhaps also with disappointment, especially if the spouse has not found a satisfactory work/life balance.

Then the social circle takes shape, you feel at home, have found your habits … You are at the top of the middle bar of the “W”.

A 2nd energy decrease can appear when the end of the expatriation period is approaching.
Linked with uncertainties about future: where are we going to land? And another family move to prepare materially and psychologically …

Once the next professional and geographical phase has taken shape, the sadness of departure mixes with the excitement and the activity of preparing the next move…

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Immigration Coaching

Immigration Coaching:

The reality shock:
After the sometimes fantasized projection of the new country, the reality can be painful.
Professional codes have different: what is valued in one country can become a disadvantage in another.
Looking for some work, you can discover that your professional experience seems worthless, that your certifications are not recognized … And the job search is more difficult than expected.
Coaching coaching will help you step back, analyze and deal with your emotions and cushion the ups and downs of the first months.

Yes, a new immigrant can be depressed:
The bottom of the wave can be deep with real doubts …
“All this for that …? “,
” Is it really worth it …? ”
Do not wait for a real down to talk with someone neutral …

Professional coaching: a way to put ideas in perspective, to reflect about them and to elaborate a plan to achieve your goals / ideas.

Guillemette knows her domain as well as the corporate world , which is a real plus I think for her role as a professional coach.
Good listening, nice energy.

Emmanuelle Lutringer

Strategic Account Manager, San Francisco (USA)

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