Career Start

Life is too short to work sad and frustrated!

Career coaching helps you define YOUR goals,
YOUR criteria for “success”, YOUR limits.

Before setting sail, chose the right direction for YOU!

End of studies, internships, first job search

Do you have the impression to be pushed in a direction that is not right for you?

Are you getting tired and have the impression to loose your motivation ?

What to do if you are offered something that is not really what you wanted?

We usually know what WE DO NOT WANT…
… but not that often WHAT WE WANT

I started my career without real choice, taking a comfortable offer, too “lucky” to get a job at the end of my studies.

After 2 years of frustration, without knowing why I was getting up in the morning, I was heading into a real depression.

A vacation trip opened my eyes, where I could reconnect with myself, with my motivation, my enthusiasm.
And when I came back, I decided to take action to take my professional life in hand!

Elisabeth, Paris (France)


Develop self-awareness:

  • What motivates you intrinsically, what turns you on, makes you vibrate …?
    What values are important to you?
    This is what will make you get up in the morning on the right foot, and will be your drive in your professional future.
  • What are your preferential modes of communication?
    How do you react to stress, and to what kind of stress?
  • Identify the structures and the work environments that will suit you:
    Are you a team player, a loner?
    Do you see yourself as an employee, an independent, an entrepreneur? What is the time frame?
  • What kind of life balance do you want?
Strategic Analysis

Make your own strategic analysis:

  • You have more skills than you think: technical, relational …
  • Identify your potential options and markets
  • For each option, do your analysis:
    What are your strengths and weaknesses?
    Your opportunities and threats?

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Career Goal

Target your job search in order to save your time and energy:

  • Define your priorities,
    your A plan,
    your B plan,
    your Z plan
  • Plan your actions: search for information, networking … do not apply too fast!
  • Organize your action and follow-up
  • Know how to surround yourself and organize your life to keep mood and motivation at the top.
Coaching for Decision-Making

Make well-thought decisions:

An opportunity to seize … or not to seize …?
You have a new professional option and you are afraid of going in the wrong direction.
How to evaluate the strengths and clarify your success criteria to align your decision with YOUR professional objective?

Decision support:
Do you need urgently to take an important professional decision?
Coaching helps you clarify goals and issues, get out of the sense of urgency and take well-thught decisions.
Within 48 hours, we will find a slot for a coaching session by video or by telephone.

Yes, I found what I was looking for in this coaching.
I know better who I am and what criteria are important for me to be happy.
 I have the impression to know better in advance if a position can suit me, avoiding to rush into a great unknown.
Also at the end of this coaching I want to relaunch new projects, which is very important for me. I am very happy to see the end of a difficult personal period. Having the urge again to travel and challenge is the perfect proof that I’m better with myself.

RD - Nantes (France)

Junior Engineer

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