Career Coaching

Define your professional Goals and take Action

Clarify what you want to do in your professional life.

Do you feel a lack of motivation ? Do you want some change, some more meaning?

Career Assessment

Where are you ?

Current situation : Acknowledge your technical learning, human skills… and your possible frustrations. Develop a deeper knowledge of yourself, to understand your motivational factors, your values, what you want to bring to the world… Strategic analysis : Do your own strategic analysis, your personal “SWOT”: – what are your strengths and weaknesses? – what are your opportunities and threats in the market? Anticipate changes in your business and on the market.
Professional goal

Where do you want to go ?

Drawing your professional goal: What if you dreamed of your life project? You may be surprised at how your vision affects reality! It will help you define your next professional step: what do you want to develop in yourself, what will you gain from it, what will you bring to others? Work on your “positioning”: Looking at your strategic analysis, what could be your unique value in the market, for your potential employers or future customers? Who are your allies? What is your network? Take the time to test your project, refine it, reorient it. Start your project: Once you are ready, we can coach you in the definition of your strategy and support your perseverance on the long run. Note: We are not orientation counselors nor employment counselors.

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Career coaching allows to step back and reflect on our situation, and build the future with hindsight on our deeper needs.
What I appreciated the most: NLP practical exercises and the exercises on my life mission.
Guillemette Moreau has a very good vision of everyone’s abilities and knows the professional business environment.


Supply Chain Director, Paris (France)

Coaching for Decision Making

Decision taking :

An interesting offer? You are contacted for an attractive but potentially risky professional opportunity: changing branch, career, country… How to evaluate the situation and clarify your criteria for success and to align your decision on your professional goal ? Decision support: Do you need urgently to take an important professional decision? Coaching helps you clarify goals and issues, get out of the sense of urgency and take well-thught decisions. Within 48 hours, we will find a slot for a coaching session by video or by telephone.
Change Management

Storm announced ?

A difficult period in your sector, a buyout, a merger … You have the impression of being left alone in a rocking boat? Your horizon is narrowing and you risk being left stranded? Anticipate to adapt better: The ostrich policy is dangerous for your career and your health. Get yourself accompanied to regain power over your professional life. Note: We can coach you as a private client or propose a coaching plan for you to your employer.

Our team to help you define your professional project :

Guillemette Moreau
Career Coach
Coach for Professional Transitions
NLP & Process Communication Coach

Andrea Kaiser

Andrea Kaiser
Career Coach
Coach for Professional Transitions
NLP & Process Communication Coach

I will not hesitate to use coaching again for a next professional step!
If you feel a little lost, without being able to organize one’s thoughts, coaching is an excellent tool to better understand yourself, to take a step back and find your own way.

Angelina Chardonnieras

Marketing Manager, Montreal (Canada)

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